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Azure Hybrid Benefit

The most cost-effective cloud for your Windows Server or SQL Server migration.

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Now is the time to move to Azure and reap the rewards of cloud technology, including the ability to scale up or down quickly, pay only for what you use, and save on compute power. Whether you are deploying new virtual machines, moving a few workloads, or migrating your datacenters as part of your hybrid cloud strategy, the Azure Hybrid Benefit provides big savings as you move to the cloud.

Use your Windows Server licenses with Software Assurance or Windows Server Subscriptions to save big on Azure. With this benefit, for each license we will cover the cost of the OS (on up to two virtual machines!), while you just pay for base compute costs.

Maximize your current Software Assurance investment by using your existing SQL Server licenses to save up to 55 percent on vCore-based SQL Database options, SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines and SQL Server Integration Services.

Azure Hybrid Benefit Savings Calculator

Enter the number of core licenses you own that are covered with active Software Assurance or Windows Server Subscriptions

Enter planned Azure deployment of Windows Virtual Machines

Eligible Virtual Machines based on instance size selection

Enter the number of SQL Server license cores with Software Assurance

Enter planned Azure deployment of SQL Server Instances

Save up to 85% by combining the Windows Server and SQL Server Licenses you already own

Eligible Virtual Machines with SQL Server Enterprise edition based on your Instance selection