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Managed Disks

Managed Disk Storage

Azure Managed Disks are the new and recommended disk storage offerings for use with Azure Virtual Machines for persistent storage of data. You can use multiple Managed Disks with each Virtual Machine. Managed Disks offer two types of durable storage options: Premium and Standard Managed Disks.

If you are interested in pricing details for Unmanaged Disks, please see the Unmanaged Disks & Page blobs pricing page.

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Premium Managed Disks

Premium Managed Disks are high performance Solid State Drive (SSD) based Storage designed to support I/O intensive workloads with significantly high throughput and low latency. With Premium Managed Disks, you can provision a persistent disk and configure its size and performance characteristics.

The total cost of Premium Managed Disk depends on the size and number of the disks, and will be affected by the number of outbound data transfers. These disk sizes provide different input/output operations per sec (IOPs), throughput caps and monthly price per GB. You choose the option which best meets your required storage size, IOPs and throughput. Attach several persistent disks to a VM and you can configure up to 64 TB of storage per VM, and achieve 80,000 input/output operations per second, and 1600 MB per second disk throughput per VM at less than one millisecond latency for read operations. Premium Managed Disks are supported by DS-series, DSv2-series, FS-series, and GS-series VM sizes which are specifically targeted for Premium Disks.

P10 P20 P30
Disk Size 128 GB 512 GB 1,024 GB
Price per month $- $- $-
IOPs per disk 500 2,300 5,000
Throughput per disk 100 MB / second 150 MB / second 200 MB / second
There are no transaction costs for Premium Disks.
Prices above also apply to Premium Unmanaged Disks.

Standard Managed Disks

Standard Managed Disks use Hard Disk Drive (HDD) based Storage media. They are best suited for dev/test and other infrequent access workloads that are less sensitive to performance variability.

The total cost of Standard Managed Disk storage depends on the size and number of disks, the number of transactions, and the number of outbound data transfers. There is no difference between standard disk sizes in terms of IOPS and throughput.

Prices shown below reflect a 50% promotional discount. The promotion will be applied until July 31, 2017.

S4 S6 S10 S20 S30
Disk Size 32 GB 64 GB 128 GB 512 GB 1,024 GB
Price per month (promotional) $- $- $- $- $-
We charge $- per 10,000 transactions for Standard Managed Disks (promotional). Any type of operation against the storage is counted as a transaction, including reads, writes and deletes.

Locally Redundant Storage (LRS)

Makes multiple synchronous copies of your data within a single datacenter.

For more details on redundancy options and how they can be used for high availability, please refer to Azure Storage replication page. Please note that not all redundancy types are available for all storage types.

Premium and Standard Managed Snapshots (Copy)

A Managed Snapshot is a read only copy of a managed disk stored as a standard disk. The cost of a Managed Snapshot will be the same as a Standard Managed Disk. For example, if you take a snapshot of a P10 Premium Managed Disk then the cost of a Managed Snapshot will be equivalent to a S10 Standard Disk.

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