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    I need to encrypt Azure Disk

    • azure
    • azure-storage
    • azure-virtual-machine

    How to migrate Ubuntu VM from Digital Ocean to Azure

    • azure
    • migration
    • digital-ocean
    • azure-virtual-machine

    Azure Virtual Machine Inbound rule for only specified IP adress

    • azure
    • tcp
    • virtual-machine
    • azure-virtual-machine
    • inbound-security-rule

    How Can I Turn On enableprivateipaddress Flag For Virtual Network Gateway?

    • azure
    • azure-virtual-machine
    • azure-powershell
    • azure-virtual-network
    • azure-vpn


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    Roadmap for "Azure AD login VM extension" to go GA

    Looking to integrate VM login to AAD using the extension in preview described at all working swimmingly well, but the log-in includes a warning message that the feature isn't for use in production.What's the guidance when this is expected to go GA?Raising here as suggested in handling of support ticket #120101924005145.

    Make the port ip-adresses a list instead of a single input field

    Hi, I would like a port ip-adresses to be displayed as a list where you can give each ip-adress a name. This would help me administrate the list of ip-adresses.

    VM size which can be allocated on real-time

    When user get the error "allocation Failed" at deploying the VM frequently, the user wants the feature to check the VM size which can be allocated by Azure Portal or Azure PowerShell / CLI.

    Unable to mount lvm os disk snapshot on other vm for troubleshooting issue.

    Yesteday , our one of the vm was not booting and going to emergency mode due to issue of invalid entry in fstab and unfortunalty we don't have root password . so thought to take sanpshot of root disk and create new disk with sanpshot and mount to other vm and change entry in fstab . but as os disk root partition was part of lvm so I was unable to mount it on other vm was displaying error message "mount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'" lvm something . [root@azre3lpdukd01 ~]# mount /dev/sdj4 /mnt/troubleshootingdiskmount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'I have referred document let us know if any solution for this.regardsbalaji mundhe

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