April 7, 2017 - Azure Thursday’s meeting summary

Inlägg på 18 maj, 2017

Tech Solutions Prof, Azure

This blog post was authored by the Azure TSP team.

Meeting Topics: Azure News, Azure Managed Disks, Azure EA Portal, Azure Governance, and Configuration best practices resources.

Speakers: Chris Hanson, Azure TSP and Kyle Wilson, Azure TSP

Discussion notes & key links

1. Azure News: Azure Monitor & Azure Advisor both were released for general availability. You can track Azure service news by following the Service Updates Feed, for high level announcements, and by reading the core Azure Blog, typically longer detailed explanations.

2. Azure Managed Disks: A new way of creating VM disks that is simpler to implement and manage and provides better scale and resilience. Here is a short overview video and a longer overview video (27 minutes).

In addition we have posted a guide for converting to managed disks from traditional storage accounts and page blobs.

3. Azure EA Portal: We talked briefly about the benefits of the EA Portal managing multiple subscriptions and reporting on usage with Resource Tags, project cost tracking. There is a good video series that explains the various roles in the EA Portal and how to use its features.

4. Azure Configuration best practices: We talked about how the Azure Advisor combined with the Azure Enterprise Scaffold Documentation are both good resources for best practices and governance.