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More storage for Premium elastic pools in Azure SQL Database

Inlägg på 4 maj, 2017

Principal Program Manager, Azure SQL Database

Until now the amount of storage available to Premium elastic pools in Azure SQL Database was limited to 750 GB.  We are pleased to announce that this limit has increased to 4 TB for the largest Premium pools. 

Premium pool eDTUs Maximum pool storage
125 250 GB (no change)
250 500 GB (no change)
500 750 GB (no change)
1000 750 GB (no change)
1500 1.5 TB
2000 2.0 TB
2500 2.5 TB
3000 3.0 TB
3500 3.5 TB
4000 4.0 TB


Currently, this extra storage is available in the following regions: East US 2, West US, West Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan East, Australia East, Canada Central, and Canada East.  More widespread availability is planned.

Learn more

To learn more about SQL Database elastic pools and more storage for Premium pools, please visit the SQL Database elastic pool webpage.  For pricing information, please visit the SQL Database pricing webpage.