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Changing the World Through Code #AzureDev

Опубликовано 27 июня, 2013

General Manager, Microsoft Azure

There’s no doubt who the hero is at //build/ 2013. Developers are the heart and soul of our industry and we celebrate all that they do and all that they are.  Before Satya Nadella walked on stage for the day 2 keynote we showed a video highlighting a number of elite developers who are changing the world through code.  Just as Windows Azure is an open platform, the developers in the video represent a variety of programming languages and communities.  It’s not our story, it’s theirs and we are delighted to play a role in the work that they do. We also know that they share our vision to proactively extend the professional developer profession to the next generation.

To support that mission, we will contribute $100,000 to organizations (as chosen by developers) who teach programming and provide technical resources to those who might not otherwise get the chance.  We are delighted to help developers tell their stories and help organizations who are changing the world through code.  Please support this mission by watching the video, telling us about yourself and voting for the organization that you’d like to support. 

Our donation to the Technology Education Nonprofits is just the first step, with more AzureDev led community efforts on the way.

Whether you use .NET, PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, or Node.js, we invite you to join us.  Sign-up, vote, and share with your community at www.azuredevs.com.