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Watch What You Missed at BUILD 2011

Postado em 30 setembro, 2011

All Windows Azure sessions from the BUILD Conference are now available for on-demand replay.  Below is a list of sessions, including the Day 2 keynote with Server & Tools Business president Satya Nadella.   For more information about any of the Windows Azure-related announcements made last week, be sure to read the blog post, “JUST ANNOUNCED @ BUILD: New Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8, Windows Azure SDK 1.5, Geo-Replication for Windows Azure Storage, and More”.



Topics Covered

Day 2 Keynote

Satya Nadella


Inside Windows Azure:  The Cloud Operating System


Mark Russinovich

Windows Azure

Inside Windows Azure:  What’s New and Under the Hood Deep Dive


Brad Calder

Scalability, Elasticity, SQL, Windows Azure

What’s New in Windows Azure

James Conard

Scalability, Elasticity, Windows Azure

Getting Started with Windows Azure

Brian Prince

Scalability, Elasticity, Windows Azure

Building Loosely-Couple Applications with Windows Azure Service Bus Topics and Queues


Clemens Vasters

Windows Azure

Building Device & Cloud Applications

Wade Wegner


Cloud, Windows Phone, Scalability, Windows Azure

Delivering Notifications with the Windows Azure Push Notification Service and Windows Azure


Nick Ha, Darren Louie

Cloud, Scalability, Windows Azure

Identity and Access Management for Windows Azure Applications


Vittorio Bertocci

Access Control, Windows Azure

Building Social Games for Windows 8 with Windows Azure


Nathan Totten

Windows Azure

Building Windows 8 and Windows Azure Applications


Steve Marx

Windows Azure

Using Cloud Storage from Windows 8 Applications


Wade Wegner

Scalability, Elasticity, SQL, Windows Azure, Database

Building and Running HPC Applications in Windows Azure

Greg Burgess

Cloud, Applications, Scalability, Elasticity, Windows Azure

Monitoring and Troubleshooting Windows Azure Applications

Michael Washam


Windows Azure

Building Scalable Web Applications with Windows Azure


Matthew Kerner

Async, Scalability, Elasticity, Windows Azure

Your Devices + OData + Windows Azure = Happiness


Mike Flasko

Scalability, Elasticity, Windows Azure, OData

Building Global and Highly Available Services Using Windows Azure


David Aiken


Windows Azure

Building Applications with Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Azure

Jurgen Willis; Josh Twist

Scalability, Elasticity, Windows Azure, .NET Framework, Workflow

For a good recap of all the announcements made at BUILD, be sure to check out the recent Cloud Cover episode on Channel 9, Using the Windows Push Notification Service with Windows Azure.  In this episode, Wade and Steve chat with Windows Azure Technical Evangelist Nick Harris about the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8.

To read the BUILD press releases or access other videos and images from BUILD last week, please visit BUILD Virtual Press Room.