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The biggest PCI coverage in the industry just got bigger

Közzétéve: szeptember 1, 2016

Senior Director, Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has biggest PCI coverage in industry

We are pleased to announce Microsoft published our second Azure Payment Card Industry (PCI) Attestation of Compliance (AoC) for this year on the Microsoft Trust Center. Azure has the biggest PCI coverage in the industry and we are rapidly creating new services and features that our PCI customers want to leverage in their compliant solutions. To keep up with the pace of Azure’s growth, we are now undergoing two PCI assessments each year.

The Core AoC was released in March and covers the Azure platform, along with a number of Azure Services. The Azure PCI DSS AoC Package contains both the Core and Add-on AoC. This second AoC, the Add-on, covers the following additional Azure services:

With the addition of the services above, Azure’s list of PCI attested services is now 40! We will continue to increase our coverage of available services in our next round of assessments.