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SQL Reporting Services Pricing Update

Publié le 1 février, 2013

General Manager, Microsoft Azure

We are very pleased to announce that we are lowering the price of Windows Azure SQL Reporting by up to 82%! The price change is effective today and is applicable to everyone currently using the service as well as new customers.

To ensure the service is cost effective for lower volume users, we are reducing the price for the base tier and including more granular increments

Effective today, the price for Windows Azure SQL Reporting will decrease from $0.88 per hour for every 200 reports to $0.16 per hour for every 30 reports. With this price decrease, a user who needs 30 reports per hour, for example, will pay $116.80 per month, down from our earlier price of $642.40, a reduction of 81.8%. In addition, the smaller report increment (from 200 to 30) will give customers better utilization and hence lower effective price points.

For more details, see our Pricing Details webpage. For additional Business Analytics capabilities, please visit:  https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/home/features/business-analytics/

As always, we offer a variety of options for developers to use Windows Azure for free or at significantly reduced prices including:

  • Free 90 day trial for new users
  • Offers for MSDN customers, Microsoft partner network members and startups that provide free usage every month up to $300 per month in value
  • Monthly commitment plans that can save you up to 32% on everything you use on Windows Azure

Check out Windows Azure pricing and offers for more details or sign up to get started!