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October 2019

Oct 21

Process Automation Watcher meter ID changes


Starting December 1, 2019, the meter IDs for Process Automation Watcher will change.

  • Automation

August 2019

Aug 14

Azure Automation Service Management REST APIs are being retired January 30, 2020

Target retirement date: January 30, 2020

Migrate any Azure Automation Service Management REST APIs and PowerShell cmdlets for Azure Automation to Resource Manager REST APIs or the latest PowerShell cmdlets by January 30, 2020.

  • Automation

February 2019

Feb 11

Azure Automation supports the Azure PowerShell Az module


Azure Automation now supports the Azure PowerShell Az module.

  • Automation

October 2018

Oct 22

Azure portal October update


The Azure portal received updates in October 2018.

  • Microsoft Azure portal
  • Azure mobile app
  • Storage Accounts
  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets
  • Azure Advisor
  • Service Fabric
  • Virtual WAN
  • Activity Log
  • Azure Managed Applications
  • Automation
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Synapse Analytics

September 2018

Sep 21

Update Management: Pre/post tasks, dynamic groups, and update inclusion


Update Management now supports dynamic groups, pre/post tasks, and inclusion lists.

  • Automation
Sep 17

General availability: Python 2 runbook support in Azure Automation


Azure Automation now supports Python 2 for general availability. You can import, author, and run Python 2 runbooks in Azure or on a Hybrid Runbook Worker.

  • Automation

August 2018

Aug 29

Updates to file support and Windows services tracking in Change Tracking and Inventory


New support has been added for more powerful tracking of Windows files, file content tracking and differencing, and adjustable Windows Service collection frequency.

  • Automation
  • Log Analytics
Aug 9

General availability: Azure Automation in Korea Central and West US 2 regions

Azure Automation is now available in the Azure Korea Central and West US 2 regions.

  • Automation

July 2018

Jul 24

Run signed runbooks in Azure Automation

In Azure Automation, you can configure Hybrid Runbook Workers to run only signed runbooks. After you configure the worker, all unsigned runbooks will fail to run.

  • Automation

June 2018

Jun 16

Start/Stop VMs during off-hours in Azure Automation has been updated

Start/Stop VMs during off-hours in Azure Automation has been updated in the areas of email functionality, dependent modules, and runbooks.

  • Alerts
  • Automation

February 2018

Feb 6

Azure Automation supports .NET Framework 4.6 when running jobs within the service

The Azure Automation service has been upgraded to support PowerShell modules that have a dependency on .NET Framework 4.6 or lower running from the service.

  • Automation

December 2017

Dec 7

Automation runbooks available in action groups to take actions from alerts


You can run an Automation runbook when an alert triggers an action group on an Azure resource. This capability extends the actions you can take in response to the alert.

  • Automation

November 2017

Nov 28

Public preview: Azure Automation watcher tasks


Watcher tasks deliver the ability to author a watcher runbook that polls a system in your environment and then call an action runbook to process any events found.

  • Automation
Nov 16

Name changes: Automation DSC

For Azure Automation DSC, the names of the billing meters have changed.

  • Automation

October 2017

Oct 24

Public preview: Python 2 support and Hybrid Runbook Workers for Linux


Python 2 support and Hybrid Runbook Workers for Linux are both publicly available in preview for Azure Automation.

  • Automation
Oct 12

Preview: Update management, inventory, and change tracking in Azure Automation


Azure Automation now supports update management, inventory, and change tracking. These capabilities are currently in preview.

  • Automation

July 2017

Jul 20

Azure Automation available in Brazil South region

Azure Automation is available in the Brazil South region.

  • Automation

June 2017

Jun 14

Scheduled runbooks will use the latest modules in your automation account

Azure Automation will start using the latest modules in your automation account when a new scheduled job is run.

  • Automation

February 2017

Feb 9

Import support for signed DSC node configurations in Automation

Azure Automation now supports importing both signed and unsigned node configurations.

  • Automation

October 2016

Oct 19

Error handling added to Automation graphical runbooks

Automation graphical runbooks have been improved with the ability to include error handling.

  • Automation

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