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Azure Automation Hybrid Worker Extension for Azure and Arc-enabled servers now in public preview

Published date: September 28, 2021

Azure Automation is releasing native integration of User Hybrid runbook Worker based on VM extensions for Windows and Linux Azure VMs through Azure VM Agent responsible for enabling and executing Azure virtual machine extensions & non-Azure machines through Arc enabled servers.

An extension-based approach of onboarding User hybrid runbook worker offers some key benefits, such as:

  • Seamless onboarding of Azure and non-Azure (Arc) machines as User Hybrid worker – Removing the dependency on Log Analytics agent for onboarding user hybrid workers which is a multi-step process, time consuming, and error-prone.
  • Ease of manageability – Providing the flexibility for governance at scale through Azure policies and templates by providing a native integration with ARM identity for User Hybrid Workers.
  • Azure AD based authentication – The extension-based platform leverages VM system assigned-identities provided by Azure Active Directory. This allows centralized control and management of identities and resource credentials.

Learn more about Hybrid Runbook Workers.

Learn more about onboarding User Hybrid Runbook Worker through extension-based platform.

With the above functionality, Azure Automation has added a critical security feature to enable Azure Active Directory based Authentication support for all Automation service public endpoints. This will remove dependency on certificates and gives organizations control to disable local authentication methods through a built-in Automation Azure Policy.


  • Enables organizations to meet their stringent audit and compliance requirements by not using local authentication methods.
  • Seamless integration of Azure Automation with Azure Active Directory for organizations requiring centralized control and management of the identities and credentials.

Learn more about Azure Automation disable local Authentication.

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