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Azure Private Link support for Azure Automation is now available in preview

Published date: July 09, 2020

You can now use Azure Private Link to securely connect virtual networks to Azure Automation using private endpoints (in preview).

Use Private link to:

  • Establish a private connection to Automation without opening public network access.
  • Ensure your Automation data is only accessed through authorized private networks.
  • Protect data exfiltration with granular access to specific resources.
  • Protect resources from public network access.

Use endpoints to:

  • Use webhooks to start a runbook.
  • Connect Hybrid Runbook Worker.
  • Connect Azure DSC nodes.

Learn how to use Private Link to securely connect networks to Automation.

Get started creating private endpoints with quickstarts and tutorials using Azure portalPowerShell, and Azure CLI.

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  • Services
  • Security

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