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Azure Networking

Connect and deliver your hybrid and cloud-native applications with low-latency, Zero Trust based networking services

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Connect everything from virtual machines to incoming VPN connections Azure Virtual Network
Balance inbound and outbound connections and requests to applications Azure Load Balancer
Protect your applications from DDoS attacks Azure DDoS Protection
Native firewall capabilities with built-in high availability and zero maintenance Azure Firewall
Manage network security policy and routing centrally Azure Firewall Manager
Private and fully managed RDP and SSH access to your virtual machines Azure Bastion
Private access to services hosted on the Azure platform Azure Private Link
Route incoming traffic for better performance and availability Traffic Manager
Monitor and diagnose network issues Network Watcher
Extend Azure management for deploying 5G and SD-WAN network functions on edge devices Azure Network Function Manager
Add private network connectivity from your corporate network to cloud Azure ExpressRoute
Connect business offices, retail locations, and sites securely with a unified portal Azure Virtual WAN
Securely use the internet to access Azure Virtual Networks Azure VPN Gateway
Choose how your traffic routes between Azure and the Internet Routing preference
Provide real-time customer experiences with ultra-low-latency edge compute Azure Public MECAzure Private MEC
Simplify delivery of 5G wireless networks and manage private 5G Azure Private 5G Core
Accelerate the delivery of high-bandwidth content to customers worldwide Azure CDN
Scalable, security-enhanced delivery point for global, microservice-based web applications Azure Front Door
Manage traffic to your web applications with a web traffic load balancer. Azure Application Gateway
Use a firewall service for web apps to help improve web app security Azure Web Application Firewall
Ensure ultra-fast DNS responses and availability for your domain needs. Azure DNS
Test how networking infrastructure changes will impact performance Internet Analyzer
Provide highly scalable, resilient, and secure outbound connectivity for virtual networks Azure NAT Gateway
Create cloud and edge-native applications that interact with the intelligence of network. Azure Programmable Connectivity
Modernize your network with a flexible, scalable 5G technology mobile packet core. Azure Operator 5G Core

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