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Azure Operator 5G CorePREVIEW

Modernize your network with a flexible, scalable 5G mobile packet core.
Deploy and use mobile core network functions at the edge or in the cloud.

Build a mobile 5G core that moves

  • Easily deploy any mobile network generation where you need it with a cloud-connected mobile packet core built for mission critical operations.
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  • Get fast and flexible single-site or multiple-site network lifecycle management for centralized orchestration.
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  • Easily monitor your network with leading analytics and orchestration capabilities for increased security and performance.
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  • Improve cost efficiencies, avoid platform obsolescence, and create revenue by moving existing workloads and services to Azure.
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Transform mobility with modern enhancements

Any G, anywhere

Deploy 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G NSA, or 5G SA networks in the cloud, on premises, or at the edge.

Central automation 

Orchestrate and upgrade network functions, monitor deployments, and view status from common resources and dashboards.

Scalable for improved performance

Scale your network to meet customer demands with low-latency, high-performance, cloud-native network functions.

Actionable insights

Stay in control of your operations with integrated analytics and observability.

Robust partner ecosystem

Easily build your network with trusted partner solutions that enhance, strengthen, and optimize your customers’ experience.

Built-in security and compliance  

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Azure Operator 5G Core pricing

Pricing will not be published. For questions about pricing, contact your account representative.

Deep dive: Azure Operator 5G Core

Get started by reviewing the service documentation.


  • Azure Operator 5G Core provides network functions for mobile packet cores, enabling service providers to create 5G core connectivity. 
  • Operator 5G Core is custom built for the Operator Nexus platform and designated Azure regions.
  • The Operator 5G Core regional availability constantly changes as we grow into new datacenters. Check the latest availability on our Products available by region page.
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