Connect cloud and on-premises infrastructure and services, to provide your customers and users the best possible experience

Support your hybrid or all-in cloud strategy using networking services built on one of the largest fiber network backbones. Get the most from your Azure or open-source solutions and workloads with highly reliable performance and secure connectivity.

Rely on a global network

Build your network in the cloud to reach your customers, on-premises users, and resources on a global scale.

Seamlessly deploy your advanced networking infrastructure using a highly available global Azure DNS with your Azure Virtual Network resources. Optimize applications across Azure Availability Zones and multiple regions with Azure Load Balancer. Build scalable, secure, and highly available web front-ends in Azure with Azure Application Gateway. Accelerate performance and availability of your content to customers worldwide with Azure Content Delivery Network.

Secure your apps and infrastructure

Provide a secure environment for your data with more compliance certification offerings than any other cloud service provider.

Limit traffic to resources and applications in your virtual network with network security groups. Configure network security as an extension of your application’s structure and replicate your security policy with application security groups. Protect your applications from web vulnerabilities and exploits with web application firewall. Extend basic threat and DDoS protection with Azure DDoS Protection, offering resource-level protection, logging, alerting, and telemetry to further protect your virtual network from attacks.

Intelligently monitor your resources

Create a monitoring strategy to determine the effectiveness of your applications and resources.

Gain insight into the performance of all your applications, services, and resources using integrated tools and services in Azure, including Network Performance Monitor (NPM) which is part of the Azure Log Analytics suite. Monitor end-to-end connectivity and performance between your branch offices and Azure using NPM for Azure ExpressRoute. Track the performance, security, and health of your infrastructure with the tools available in Azure Monitor. Quickly diagnose problems and mitigate issues in your network with packet capturing, flow log analysis, and alerting in Azure Network Watcher.

Make reliable, private connections

Add connectivity to your cloud resources, making Azure a natural extension of your existing network.

Create a private and fast network connection to Azure with Azure ExpressRoute and take advantage of a global network owned and operated by Microsoft. Connect two Azure virtual networks anywhere without the overhead of using gateways to broker the connection with virtual network peering. Securely and privately access your Azure resources with built-in VPN capabilities in Azure Virtual Network. You’ll find point-to-site functionality and site-to-site options for region to region or connectivity to your own datacenter with multiple bandwidth options and support from multiple leading appliance vendors.

Find the networking product you need

If you want to... Use this
Connect everything from virtual machines to incoming VPN connections Virtual Network
Balance inbound and outbound connections and requests to your applications or service endpoints Load Balancer
Optimize delivery from application server farms while increasing application security with a web application firewall Application Gateway
Securely use the internet to access Azure Virtual Networks with high performance VPN gateways VPN Gateway
Ensure ultra-fast DNS responses and ultra-high availability for all your domain needs Azure DNS
Accelerate the delivery of high-bandwidth content to customers worldwide—from applications and stored content to streaming video Content Delivery Network
Protect your Azure applications from the impacts of DDoS attacks Azure DDoS Protection
Distribute traffic optimally to services across global Azure regions, while providing high availability and responsiveness Traffic Manager
Add private network connectivity to access Microsoft cloud services from your corporate networks, as if they were on-premises residing in your own datacenter Azure ExpressRoute
Monitor and diagnose conditions at a network scenario level Network Watcher
Native firewalling capabilities with built-in high availability, unrestricted cloud scalability, and zero maintenance Azure Firewall
Connect business offices, retail locations, and sites securely with Virtual WAN, a unified wide-area network portal powered by Azure and the Microsoft global network Virtual WAN
Scalable, security-enhanced delivery point for global, microservice-based web applications Azure Front Door
Private and fully managed RDP and SSH access to your virtual machines Azure Bastion
Private access to services hosted on the Azure platform, keeping your data on the Microsoft network Azure Private Link
Test how networking infrastructure changes will impact your customers' performance. Azure Internet Analyzer

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