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Getting started with the new Azure IoT Suite Remote Monitoring preconfigured solution

Posted on November 2, 2017

Principal Program Manager, Azure IoT

Last month, we announced the work we have been doing to create the next generation of Azure IoT Suite preconfigured solutions. It is our pleasure to announce that you can now deploy the updated version of the Remote Monitoring solution from and your development CLI. This is a major update with a lot of newly enabled scenarios and features, so we wanted to provide more guidance on how to get started.


Explore the solution code

Both versions of the solution are open source and ready for full customization starting today. Please start exploring based on your preferences:

Learn more about the solution capabilities

We have done a major update on all our docs, both in and in GitHub. You can check out our new docs here:

You can also listen to our Ignite presentation, Building Reliable IoT Solutions in the Cloud, Fast, which details the changes we've made in the update to the Remote Monitoring solution and how it can be leveraged to build custom IoT solutions quickly.

Enroll in upcoming trainings

We have two webinars on the new Remote Monitoring coming up. Everyone is welcome to join, please follow the links to sign up:

Provide feedback and ask questions

  • We’d love your feedback! We have a user voice channel to receive suggestions for features and future supported scenarios. We encourage you to browse what others are suggesting, vote for your favorites, and even enter suggestions of your own.
  • If you run into problems with the solution, please open issues on our GitHub repositories (.NET and Java).
  • Please review our public FAQ for answers to the most frequent questions.

Try the solution

To get started, you can deploy the updated version of the Remote Monitoring solution from, or check-out our new interactive demo to see the solution in action.

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback!