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Announcing the public preview of Azure Storage metrics in Azure Monitor

Posted on September 27, 2017

Program Manager, Azure Storage

Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of Azure Storage metrics in Azure Monitor. You can start working with these new metrics in the following regions: West US, West US 2, West Central US, Central US, East US, East US 2, and North Central US. We are rolling out to all regions, and more regions will be available soon.

Azure Monitor is the platform service that provides a single source of monitoring data for Azure resources. With Azure Monitor, you can visualize, query, route, archive, and take action on the metrics and logs coming from resources in Azure. You can work with this data using the Monitor portal blade, the Azure Monitor REST APIs, and through several other methods. Azure Storage is one of the fundamental services in Azure, and now you can chart and query storage metrics alongside other metrics in one consolidated view.

Previously, capacity metrics were only available for Blob storage. Now, we have also added capacity metrics for the other Storage services, including Table, Queue, and File storage, enabling you to monitor object count or capacity on any service. And, with the new multi-dimensional metric capability from Azure Monitor, we have restructured Transaction metric definitions. For more details, see Azure Storage metrics in Azure Monitor.

In this preview, Azure Monitor managed metrics are available on both standard storage accounts and Blob storage accounts, with Premium storage accounts coming soon. With supported storage accounts in our preview regions, you can:

  • Monitor Capacity and Transaction metrics in Monitor portal blade
  • Access metric definitions and metric data with Azure Monitor REST APIs
  • Archive metric data to storage account with Azure Monitor Diagnostic Setting REST APIs

We would love to know more about your experiences with the preview and get your feedback! Drop us a line at Azure Storage Analytics Feedback and let us know.