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MyGet Now Available in the Azure Store

Posted on 19 August, 2014

SR. Program Manager, Azure Store
We are excited to announce that MyGet is now available in the Microsoft Azure Store.  MyGet provides hosted NuGet Servers, allowing developers to create and host their own NuGet feeds with their own packages as well as other package sources such as   MyGet already provides a popular integration with Visual Studio Online, and now via the Azure Store, Azure developers can manage their MyGet package management solution in one portal, alongside their Azure services. Having MyGet available in the Microsoft Azure Store allows developers and team leads to create MyGet accounts for themselves or their team members, whether free or one of the paid plans. There are no separate bills to be paid: MyGet will be part of your monthly Azure bill or Enterprise Agreement. If you are a Microsoft Azure customer, here’s how to create a new MyGet account:
  1. Go to the Microsoft Azure Management Portal
  2. In the bottom toolbar, click New and then select Store
  3. In the Choose an Add-on dialog, select MyGet and click next
  4. In the Personalize Add-on dialog select the MyGet plan you want to sign up for.
  5. If you want to create one (or more) paid subscriptions, you can use the promotional code STORELAUNCH, which will give you a 25% discount during the first 6 months of the subscription (code valid until end of August, 2014).
  6. Once the subscription is created, click Manage in the bottom toolbar and pick the username and password you wish to use for your MyGet subscription.
  7. If you are an existing MyGet user and would like to make use of the Microsoft Azure Store integrated billing, contact support and we will make it happen!
  myget-promo2   Happy packaging! Got a request for another service you'd like to see in the Azure Store?  Let us know on the Azure Store UserVoice forum.