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Overview of SQL Azure DataSync

Udgivet den 27 januar, 2011

[This article was contributed by the SQL Azure team.]


SQL Azure Data Sync provides a cloud based synchronization service built on top of the Microsoft Sync Framework.  It provides bi-directional data synchronization and capabilities to easily share data across SQL Azure instances and multiple data centers.   Last week Russ Herman posted a step-by-step walkthrough of SQL Azure to SQL Server synchronization to the TechNet Wiki.  

Typical usage scenarios for Data Sync

  • On-Premises to Cloud
  • Cloud to Cloud
  • Cloud to Enterprise
  • Bi-directional or  sync-to-hub or sync-from-hub synchronization




The SQL Azure Data Sync is a rapidly maturing synchronization framework meant to provide synchronization in cloud and hybrid cloud solutions utilizing SQL Azure.  In a typical usage scenario, one SQL Azure instance is the "hub" database, which provides bi-directional messaging to member databases in the synchronization scheme.