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General availability: Azure Database for MariaDB

Published date: December 04, 2018

Azure Database for MariaDB is now generally available. This service brings to Azure the community version 10.2 of the MariaDB database engine.

Azure Database for MariaDB offers built-in high availability, elastic scaling for performance, and industry-leading security and compliance, with an SLA of 99.99 percent.

Azure Database for MariaDB gives you flexibility in your apps. From your choice of framework and language to a rich ecosystem of tools and services, Azure Database for MariaDB makes it easier for you to build intelligent apps faster.

Microsoft proudly supports the MariaDB Foundation, which works to promote continuity and open collaboration in the MariaDB community. 

For details about general availability for this service, see the blog post.

Learn more about regional availability.

Learn more about how to create a MariaDB server by using the Azure portal or Azure CLI.

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