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Today we are pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of Azure Database for MariaDB.

The Azure Database for MariaDB service offers an enterprise-ready, fully managed community version of MariaDB with easy lift-and-shift capability. It features open-source compatibility, built-in high availability with a 99.99 percent SLA, elastic scaling for storage and compute resources, and flexible pricing. Azure Database for MariaDB helps customers develop cloud native applications, or easily lift-and-shift existing applications to the cloud using languages and frameworks of their choice. As a fully integrated service, Azure Database for MariaDB also plugs you into the Microsoft global network of datacenters with unparalleled security and around-the-clock monitoring, including Azure IP Advantage.

With the inclusion of MariaDB in the Azure family of database services, we further extend our commitment to the open source community by providing valuable, enterprise-ready features of Azure for use on open source database instances. For example, we are bringing the public preview of virtual network service end points to open source database instances, allowing customers to connect to their MariaDB server from a virtual network. With the introduction of data-in replication for hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios, customers can replicate data from a master instance hosted on-premises or on a virtual machine to an Azure Database for MariaDB server. This allows customers to start using the cloud in a hybrid fashion while continuing to operate their databases on-premises or on a virtual machine. 

“Azure Database Service for MariaDB – An innovative, high availability service at a cost-effective price. Microsoft continues to be an outstanding partner, helping us build better applications”.

– Treasury Board Secretariat of Ontario

Microsoft proudly supports the MariaDB Foundation which works to promote continuity and open collaboration in the MariaDB community. We are thrilled to announce the general availability of Azure Database for MariaDB and we look forward to hearing more about the scenarios being lit up using this service. Stay tuned for more value-added features coming soon!

To get started with experiencing the service, learn how to create a MariaDB server using the Azure portal or the Azure CLI.

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We hope that you enjoy working with the latest features and functionality available in Azure Database for MariaDB. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments via User Voice for MariaDB.

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