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Azure updates

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H-Series instances for Azure Virtual Machines now available
- At launch, the H-Series will be among the fastest virtual machines available in Azure in terms of performance per core (ACU benchmark).
Generally available: Azure Disk Encryption for Windows and Linux for Standard and Premium IaaS virtual machines
- Azure Disk Encryption for Linux IaaS virtual machines and support for virtual machines with Premium storage is generally available in all Azure public regions.
Generally available: Storage Service Encryption for Azure Storage
- Accounts enabled with Storage Service Encryption will have data encrypted with Microsoft-managed keys using the industry-leading encryption algorithm, AES-256.
Generally available: Azure Premium Storage in an additional region
- Offering an SLA for 99.9 percent availability, Premium Storage is now available in the North Central US region, as well as other regions previously announced.
Improved automatic tuning boosts Azure SQL Database performance
- Now customers can run their production workload in SQL Database for a day, and Advisor will provide relevant tuning recommendations to improve performance.
Azure Key Vault Certificates helps simplify and automate tasks for SSL/TLS certificates
- Azure Key Vault is introducing Key Vault Certificates to simplify tasks related to SSL/TLS certificates from supported third-party CAs.
Azure Security Center enhancements
- Azure Security Center helps customers take control of cloud security policies, monitor the current security of Azure resources, and detect and respond to active attacks.
Microsoft Operations Management Suite releases Update Management
- With the Update Management solution, Microsoft Operations Management Suite helps customers keep IT systems updated without any unplanned application downtime.
General availability: VNet peering
- VNet peering is generally available.
Public preview: Application Gateway web application firewall
- Application Gateway announces the public preview of web application firewall (WAF) functionality as part of new WAF tier. This is available in all Azure regions.
General availability: Service Fabric for Windows Server
- You can use Service Fabric for Windows Server to create a multiple-machine Service Fabric cluster in your own datacenter or in other public clouds.
Public preview: Azure Service Fabric for Linux
- You can use the Service Fabric on Linux preview to build, deploy, and manage highly available, highly scalable applications in a Linux environment, just as you would on Windows.
IPv6 for Azure VMs available in most regions
- Extend your application's reach with IPv6 for Azure virtual machines.
Accelerated Networking is in preview
- Accelerated Networking is in preview in select regions for select VM sizes and OS configurations.
General availability: Azure DNS
- Azure DNS is generally available. The service is offered with a 99.99% availability SLA and is covered by Azure Support. General availability pricing will take effect from November 1, 2016.
Large instances of SAP HANA on Azure
- SAP HANA Large instances, which are purpose-built hardware configurations for SAP HANA workloads that require memory sizes larger than 0.5 TB, have entered general availability.
Backup policy management for Azure VM backup in a Recovery Services vault
- Azure backup now supports edit and delete on existing Azure VM backup policies in a Recovery Services vault.
Service Fabric SDK and Runtime for version 5.2 released
- Azure Service Fabric has released updated versions of the Service Fabric SDK and Runtime, and the standalone installer for Windows Server.
Azure AD Application Proxy new connector version
- Azure AD Application Proxy improves exception handling, telemetry, and connectivity success rates with version 1.3.1135.0 of the connector.
Mobile Apps: Supporting IPv6 and the Apple submission process
- Apple announced that all apps submitted to the iOS App Store for review must support IPv6-only networks, but your app submissions will likely work just fine under certain conditions.

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