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Azure updates

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Machine Learning workspaces and web service pricing plans available in Azure portal
- You can create standard Azure Machine Learning workspaces from within the Azure portal.
General availability: Operations Management Suite Security
- Operations Management Suite Security is a cloud-based service that enables customers to quickly and easily assess the security posture and detect security threats across hybrid cloud environments.
Public preview: Computer Vision API and Academic Knowledge API in Cognitive Services
- Microsoft Cognitive Services is a collection of APIs that enable developers to tap into high-quality vision, speech, language, knowledge, and search technologies.
Public preview: N-Series instances for Azure Virtual Machines
- N-Series instances are enabled with NVIDIA’s cutting-edge GPUs so you can run GPU-accelerated workloads and visualize them.
G-Series instances for Azure Virtual Machines available in Canada Central and Canada East
- Azure Virtual Machines customers can take advantage of the G-Series instances now available in Canada Central and Canada East.
General availability: New Azure SQL Database Premium performance level, P15
- P15 offers 4000 Database Transaction Units (DTUs)—that’s twice as powerful as our P11 offering—with extremely fast transactional performance, real-time analytics, and up to 1 TB of storage.
General availability: Azure SQL Data Warehouse now in more regions
- Azure SQL Data Warehouse is now generally available in additional regions—North Europe, Japan East, Brazil South, and Australia Southeast.
Announcing MySQL in-app (preview) for web apps
- The MySQL in-app (preview) feature enables running MySQL natively on the Azure App Service platform.
PHP runtime and extension updates include potentially breaking changes
- Review your sites to ensure that changes to the available runtimes and PHP extensions on the Azure App Service workers will not cause any downtime of your applications or tooling.
Azure DevTest Labs available in new Canada, India, and US regions
- Azure DevTest Labs is available in new regions of Canada, India, and the US that support the required Azure resources used in the labs.
Azure Search: .NET SDK preview and portal support for Blob/Table indexers
- Azure Search has released a new preview version of the .NET SDK and supports Blob and Table storage indexers in the Azure portal.
Service Bus messaging in the Azure portal
- You can now use the new Azure portal to create and manage Service Bus messaging resources (namespaces, queues, and topics).
Azure Mobile Apps SDK for Apache Cordova reaches RC1
- The Azure Mobile Apps SDK for Apache Cordova is now at v2.0.0-RC1. This version includes better handling of conflicts for offline sync, plus bug fixes.
Parse Server available in all regions
- The Azure Marketplace template "Parse Server on managed Azure services" has been updated. You can now deploy Parse Server in all Azure regions.
Azure Scheduler gets new PowerShell cmdlets
- You can use Azure PowerShell 2.0.1 cmdlets to manage Azure Scheduler job collections and jobs in Azure Resource Manager.
Azure Automation Hybrid Runbook Worker supports proxy environments
- An update to Azure Automation Hybrid Runbook Worker adds support for workers communicating through a proxy server.
Azure DevTest Labs: More running VMs are supported in a single lab
- Azure DevTest Labs now allows you to run more VMs with maximum IOPS in a single lab by automatically scaling the storage accounts where lab VMs are created.
Improved support for Azure AD B2C in App Service
- In a recent service update, we improved our overall support for Azure Active Directory B2C in Azure App Service.
Introducing a quicker Mobile Apps Quickstart
- You can use the Mobile Apps Quickstart to create a mobile back end more quickly than you can by using the traditional Mobile Apps process.
Improved Linux support for VMware and other Site Recovery enhancements
- You can help protect RHEL7.1, RHEL7.2, and CentOS 7.x servers on VMware by using Azure Site Recovery.

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