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    March 2019

    Mar 26

    Service Bus Messaging Unit name changes

    On April 1, 2019, the naming for Service Bus Messaging Unit will change.

    Mar 25

    Azure Cache for Redis resource GUID changes

    On May 1, 2019, some resource GUIDs (also known as meter IDs) for Azure Cache for Redis will change.

    Mar 25

    IoT Hub supports new Azure Monitor metric alerts

    Announcing the new Azure Monitor metric alerts in IoT Hub. These new metric alerts are faster and more flexible than the older classic alerts, and they're also easier to set up.

    Mar 21

    Windows Virtual Desktop now in public preview

    Get started today with Windows Virtual Desktop in public preview. Deploy and scale Windows desktops and apps on Azure in minutes.

    Mar 20

    General availability: Azure Kubernetes Service in India Central

    Azure Kubernetes Service is now generally available in India Central. It's the 19th Azure region to offer the service.

    Mar 19

    Azure Boards and Azure Pipelines GitHub Integration Improvements - Sprint 149 Update

    In the Sprint 149 Update of Azure DevOps, we added the ability to navigate to Azure Boards directly from mentions in a GitHub comment as well as support for Azure Boards in GitHub Enterprise.

    Mar 18

    Azure Backup SQL Servers running in Azure Virtual Machines is now generally available

    Target availability: Q1 2019

    Learn about this pay-as-you-go service that uses native SQL backup and restore APIs to provide a comprehensive solution to backup SQL servers running in Azure IaaS VMs.

    Mar 18

    Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster autoscaler is in preview

    AKS cluster autoscaling lets you scale more efficiently and run applications without downtime.

    Mar 18

    Azure premium blob storage is now generally available

    Target availability: Q1 2019

     Premium blob storage is a new tier of Blob storage (hot, cool, and archive are the existing tiers) ideal for demanding workloads that require high transaction rates or faster and more consistent response times like IOT and telemetry.

    Mar 18

    TimescaleDB for Azure Database for PostgreSQL to power IoT and time-series workloads

    Microsoft has established a partnership with Timescale that introduces support for TimescaleDB in Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

    Mar 18

    Azure Kubernetes service (AKS) control plane audit logging is now in preview

    Target availability: Q1 2019

    : Use audit logging in AKS to keep a chronological record of calls that have been made to the Kubernetes API server, also known as the control plane.

    Mar 18

    PostgreSQL extension in Azure Data Studio and PostgreSQL extension in Visual Studio Code

    Target availability: Q1 2019

    Azure Data Studio, our cross-platform data editor, now provides preview support for PostgreSQL. A Microsoft extension for PostgreSQL in Visual Studio Code is now also in preview.

    Mar 18

    Public preview: Azure Log Analytics in France Central, Korea Central, North Europe

    France Central, Korea Central, and North Europe are now GA for customers to start collecting telemetry and analyze their services for health and usage using Azure Log Analytics.

    Mar 15

    Public preview: Adaptive network hardening in Azure Security Center

    Adaptive network hardening in Azure Security Center is in public preview and can help you secure connections to and from the public internet.

    Mar 15

    Support for virtual network peering in Azure Security Center

    The network map in Azure Security Center now supports virtual network peering.

    Mar 15

    Azure Security Center adaptive application control updates

    In Azure Security Center, adaptive application control in audit mode is now available for Azure Linux VMs, as well as non-Azure Windows and Linux VMs and servers that are connected to Azure Security Center.

    Mar 15

    Azure Security Center: Regulatory compliance dashboard in public preview

    The new Azure Security Center regulatory compliance dashboard is in public preview. It helps streamline the process for meeting regulatory compliance requirements by providing insights into your compliance posture.

    Mar 15

    Azure Security Center: Secure score impact changes

    In Azure Security Center, the secure score impact has changed for several recommendations. The change might affect your overall secure score.

    Mar 15

    Azure Security Center policy migration to Azure Policy

    Azure Security Center policy updates are now performed from Azure Policy.

    Mar 15

    Azure Security Center update: Secure score for compliance metrics

    Use secure score to evaluate your security posture in Azure Security Center.