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Microsoft Acquires MetricsHub

Inlägg på 4 mars, 2013

I am excited to announce that we are welcoming cloud monitoring startup MetricsHub  - a participant in the Microsoft Accelerator, powered by TechStars - to Windows Azure.  As an innovator in Active Cloud Monitoring, a technology that automates cloud performance management, MetricsHub helps customers more efficiently manage their cloud services at a lower cost.

Cloud solutions are compelling for a variety of reasons – scale, flexibility and value - particularly for companies looking to do more with less.  However, it’s difficult to understand, monitor and correlate all the application data points that tell you how and when you need to scale your application.  Then to get real value out of those data points you need to automate how your application and cloud platform intelligently respond.  That’s where MetricsHub’s technology comes in.  Their approach to automating performance optimization, with little effort on the part of customers, addresses these issues.  It also ensures customers are only paying for what they need and maximizing the services they’re using.

All Windows Azure customers can get started today – with the announcement of a pre-release, no charge, version of MetricsHub’s Active Cloud Monitoring - available now through the Windows Azure Store.  We think it’s going to save customers time, money and headaches.  You can learn more at the MetricsHub site.

We hope you enjoy this pre-release version and look forward to sharing more about our plans in the future.

Bob Kelly
Corporate Vice President
Strategy and Business Development