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Jason Hogg

Jason Hogg

GM, Azure for Operators

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Published • 4 min read

Driving performance and enhancing services across Three UK’s 5G network 

Azure Operator Insights enables carriers like Three UK to collect, organize, and process large datasets, providing valuable business insights and improving customer experiences, in part by optimizing the efficiency of time-to-insight. What would have previously taken weeks or months to assess, will now be possible to perform in minutes with AI.

Published • 5 min read

New Azure for Operators solution accelerator offers a fast path to network insights 

Azure for Operators is introducing a network analytics solution accelerator program, providing a standardized approach to data acquisition and visualization that aids operators on their journey toward complete end-to-end AI Operations (AIOps).

Published • 5 min read

A closer look at Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 

On June 27, 2018 we announced the preview of Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 the only data lake designed specifically for enterprises to run large scale analytics workloads in the cloud. Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 takes core capabilities from Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 such as a Hadoop compatible file system, Azure Active Directory and POSIX based ACLs and integrates them into Azure Blob Storage.