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Cross-Post: Announcing Windows Azure Media Player framework Preview for iOS

Inlägg på 20 december, 2012

Editor's Note: This post comes from Mingfei Yan, Program Manager for Windows Azure Media Team. 

I am pleased to announce that Windows Azure Media Services team is releasing a Windows Azure Media Player Framework Preview for iOS. This new framework is released as Open Source through Github: https://github.com/WindowsAzure/azure-media-player-framework and licensed under Apache 2.0.

Printscreen for Azure Media Player framework for IOS

What’s this framework for?

This framework enables developers to build native video application on iOS platform, which could consume secure HLS (Http live Streaming) content from Windows Azure Media Services. Mainly,this framework made easy for developers to integrate client-side advertisements. In the future we will also support various advertisement standards, such as VAST 3.0 and VMAP 1.0.

Who should use this Framework?

Developers who want to consume HLS content from Windows Azure Media Services and Developers who want to enable client-side advertisement insertion with their video application on iOS.

Feather List 

Advertisement insertion

  • Pre-roll, Mid-roll and Post-roll
  • Ad Pod
  • Advertisement clip could be either Mp4 or Http Live Streaming
  • Error Notification
  • Play-once or Sticky Ad


  • Seamless transition from Advertisement to Main Content and between advertisements

To read all of the details, please check out Mingfei's full post here