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Azure Media Services now supported by JW Player

Inlägg på 16 september, 2014

Principal PM Manager, Azure Media Services

What is the partnership about?

Azure Media Services already provides support for some of the most common streaming formats. This list includes Microsoft Smooth Streaming, industry standard mpeg-DASH and Apple HTTP Live streaming. Azure Media Services also provides player solutions for most screens and devices today. This partnership enables us to offer our customers a choice of using one of the most popular players available. As a result of all the good work that was done, JW Player supports the following additional capabilities for Azure Media Services customers:
  • Browser playback for Apple HTTP Live streaming
  • Browser playback for AES-128 bit CBC protected content
All of the existing features of JW Player like custom skins, cloud-hosted player, etc. continue to work like they do today.

How can I use JW Player?

Our friends at JW Player have setup a very simple landing page for Azure Media Services customers. The capabilities outlined above are premium features in JW Player and as a result to use it in your solutions, you will need to setup an account and buy the premium version. However, in order for you to try out, you can simply insert the URLs you get from Azure Management portal into the page and see them work. As you can see the widget on the page also offers you the ability to choose the skin you want for your player. Here is a screenshot of the widget available on the landing page: JW Player customize widget

What’s next?

We continue to work with partners like JW Player to light up more scenarios but if there is something you would like to see from us, let us know and we’d be happy to explore your feedback. If you are at IBC 2014, do stop by Microsoft meeting space in Hall 13 and let us know if there any demos we can show you for Azure Media Services or JW Player integration. We look forward to your support and feedback. Till we connect again, visit the landing page and make yourself a JW Player Smile.