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Find the content you need on WindowsAzure.com

Publicado em 20 março, 2013

Editor's Note: This post comes from Paulette McKay, Senior Content Publishing Manager on the Data Platform Team.

There are some big changes this week to the technical content experience for Windows Azure, designed to make it easier for you to find exactly the content you’re looking for as quickly as possible. You’ve probably already noticed that the Develop and Manage tabs are gone from the home page, and have been replaced by a single Documentation page.

From the Documentation center, you can easily navigate to content that will show you how to test drive of some of our exciting features—build a Web Site or create a cloud-based backend for a Windows Store app for free!

You can quickly get to any of our Developer Centers, find architectural guidance, reference guides and code samples.

We’ve added a What’s New section to keep you up to date about features and services, a Top Articles section that highlights answers to customers’ most frequently asked questions, a blog roll so that you can see who is talking about Windows Azure, and links to get you to Windows Azure forums.  

Along with the new Documentation page, we also launched a new Downloads page last week.  This page pulls together links to all of our SDKs, libraries, PowerShell cmdlets, and command-line tools in a single place.  You’ll find direct install links to the latest versions of all of the tools and SDKs, plus pointers to archives of previous releases and links to articles to help you get started.

This the first phase of work aimed at making it easier for you to find the content that you need. Over the next few months, we’ll be continuing to refine the documentation experience, so come back often.

Take a spin and let us know what you think!