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New CDN features - country filtering, compression and analytics

Gepost op 12 augustus, 2015

Senior Program Manager, Azure CDN & Azure Media Services
We're happy to announce new Content Delivery Network features, now generally available for all customers:
  • Country filtering
By default, your content can be accessed from all countries. In some cases, you may want to restrict access to your content by country. This feature enables you to allow or deny access based on the country a user request came from.
  • Compression
By reducing the size of your files, compression improves file transfer speed and thus increases page load performance. This feature allows you to enable compression for specific file types, directly from the CDN.
  • Analytics
Basic analytics such as bandwidth, hits, cache hit ratio, etc. are now available to help you view usage patterns. We will continue to add additional analytic capabilities in the future. The following is an example of some of the analytics capabilities that are available. Presentation1 From the Azure Management Portal, when CDN is enabled for your service, a "Manage CDN" button will be available, granting you access to a supplemental portal with these features. The supplemental portal allows us to expose features prior to their availability in the Azure portal. The "Manage CDN" can be found in the drawer or configuration tabs for both CDN and Media Services extensions.   sso   For more details about these features, please read the documentations listed below: