Azure Stack

Proactively monitoring cloud operations with Microsoft Azure Stack

tirsdag 5. september 2017

The Azure Stack operator is responsible for the integration, service provisioning, and life cycle of Azure Stack. Because Azure Stack is deployed as a hyper-converged, integrated system, it behaves more like an appliance and many of the complexities and deep subject matter expertise of previous cloud technology solutions are minimized.

Senior Program Manager, Azure Stack

Integrate Azure Stack into your datacenter

tirsdag 29. august 2017

Azure Stack offers a tailored, hardened, and secured appliance-like experience with simplified administration. For emergency recovery, a privileged PowerShell endpoint is available, which is secured using just enough administration. The administrative experience has a full-featured update mechanism called Patch and Update (referred as P&U) to ensure that customers can focus on services they run on Azure Stack.

Senior Program Manager, Azure Stack

Security and Compliance in Azure Stack

onsdag 23. august 2017

Security considerations and compliance regulations are important drivers for people that choose to control their infrastructure using private/hybrid clouds while using IaaS and PaaS technologies to modernize their applications.

Senior Program Manager

Why your team needs an Azure Stack Operator

tirsdag 15. august 2017

Azure Stack is an extension of Azure, bringing the agility and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing to on-premises environments. With the introduction of Azure Stack, we’re adding a new Azure job role – Azure Stack Operator.

Principal PM Manager, Azure Stack