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Innlegg av: James Staten

Use the Cloud to help people in need

onsdag 14. desember 2016

In this holiday time, peoples’ thoughts turn to helping those less fortunate. If you’re a charity, helping people is your business all year round, and every dollar spent on computing infrastructure…

Chief Strategist, Cloud + Enterprise

Use actors to talk to millions

torsdag 20. oktober 2016

You have hundreds, thousands, perhaps even millions of sensors in your stores, factories, pipelines. And something goes wrong. You need software that can make intelligent decisions in real time, perhaps coordinating hundreds of devices: stop the assembly line, reroute the flow.

Chief Strategist, Cloud + Enterprise

Build cloud apps at warp speed

mandag 19. september 2016

One of your best customers just tweeted about a problem with your product and you want to respond to them ASAP. It would be great if you could automatically catch this type of communications and…

Chief Strategist, Cloud + Enterprise

IaaS isn’t your only path to outsized gains

mandag 25. juli 2016

The modern cloud era is not IaaS-centric but modern app-centric. By taking advantage of the market-leading portfolio of Azure PaaS services, innovative applications can be built and deployed faster, scale automatically and easily connect to and incorporate powerful Azure services.

Chief Strategist, Cloud + Enterprise