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Backup Reports is now in preview

Published date: March 04, 2020

Azure Backup has released a new and improved reporting solution. With Backup Reports, you can now gain rich insights on your backups by aggregating data over a long period of time.

Leveraging Azure Monitor Logs and Azure Workbooks, Backup Reports serve as a one-stop destination for tracking usage, performing auditing of backups and restores, and identifying key trends at different levels of granularity.

The Backup Reports work across multiple workload types that are supported by Azure Backup. This includes Azure workloads such as Azure VMs, SQL in Azure VMs, SAP HANA/ASE in Azure VMs, as well as on-premises workloads like DPM, Azure Backup Server and Azure Backup Agent. The reports can aggregate information across multiple vaults, subscriptions and regions. And if you are an Azure Lighthouse user with delegated access to your customers’ subscriptions/LA Workspaces, you can view reporting data across all your tenants within a single pane of glass.

With our reports, you can answer questions such as – ‘Which Backup Item(s) consume the most storage?’, ‘Which machines have had consistently misbehaving backups?’, ‘What are the main causes of backup job failure?’, and lots more.

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