Azure Lighthouse

Enabling partners to deliver differentiated managed services

Efficiently manage multiple customer environments

Azure Lighthouse provides capabilities for cross-customer management at scale, letting partners differentiate services based on greater efficiency and automation. Extend these capabilities consistently across marketplace offers, Azure services, APIs, and licensing models.

Projection of customers’ Azure resources into your own environment

Scaled management of hundreds of customer tenants from a single environment—yours

Protection of your management IP within your environment

Granular, appropriate-level access to your customers’ resources and subscriptions

Automate and scale cloud management

Reduce manual operational tasks and scale customer management by using cross-customer management features. Maximize visibility into customers’ environments from your own environment. Simplify engagement processes, such as onboarding, through automated workflows.

Enable greater visibility and governance

Let your customers view and manage across partners from a single control plane, with precise and granular access. Build their trust by providing transparency and auditability into your activities.

Grow your market by reaching customers in new ways

Access customer resources seamlessly and accelerate onboarding through new partner offers. Manage across customer resources within all Azure services. And reach customers through the Azure Marketplace, Azure APIs, Azure portal, and Azure Resource Manager—all under whatever licensing channels your customers choose.

Enhanced security and access management

  • Protection of your unique management IP within your central control plane
  • Projection and delegation of customer resource data into your environment for scaling management while protecting data in individual customer tenants
  • Increased transparency, auditability, and control of your activities through logs and alerts within the customer interface in the Azure portal

Azure Lighthouse usage is free

Azure Lighthouse is available at no additional charge. Note that you may incur charges for use of underlying Azure services, such as Azure Monitor Log Analytics and Security Center, while using Azure Lighthouse. If an underlying service is offered for free, you won’t be charged for using it.

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Three ways to get started

Learn more, watch the demo, and plan an adoption path.

Onboard existing customers to Azure Lighthouse using Azure Resource Manager templates.

Enable seamless management of new customers through an Azure Marketplace managed services offering.

Technical documentation and templates

Core technology

Read the Azure Lighthouse overview and explore the underlying technology, Azure delegated resource management.

Watch the demo

Onboarding and offers

Learn how to onboard customers and set up an Azure Marketplace offering.

Sample templates

Access GitHub templates demonstrating Azure Lighthouse usage with various Azure services, such as Azure Security Center and Azure Monitor.

Frequently asked questions about Azure Lighthouse

  • Azure delegated resource management is the foundational management technology that powers Azure Lighthouse. This core technology enables customers to delegate and explicitly provision access for a single or multiple service providers for defined resource scopes (including subscriptions and resource groups) for specific roles. It enables flexible customer onboarding via Azure Resource Manager templates and Azure Marketplace managed services offerings; simplified governance with Azure Policy and Azure Resource Graph; and cross-tenant management with access to services like Azure Security Center and Service Health.
  • Any Azure customer or partner can use Azure Lighthouse.
  • Azure Lighthouse capabilities are built upon existing Azure tools. As such, they’ll be available to diverse customer types—including managed services providers, resellers, and enterprise IT—upon Azure Lighthouse general availability.
  • Azure Lighthouse provides a consistent, secured multi-customer and cross-tenant experience across all management and monitoring tools on Azure—from Azure Policy to Azure Monitor to Azure Security Center.

    While other cloud providers may provide cross-account access and organizational policy templates, these disparate capabilities don’t propagate to the rest of the management stack.

    Azure is the only cloud provider offering consistent, centralized management and monitoring capabilities for partners to manage on behalf of customers through a single control plane and at scale. We’re the only provider enabling partners to grow their business through multiple avenues for delivering management automation—for example, through Azure Marketplace offers enabled with Azure Lighthouse.

    And unlike other cloud providers, Azure allows independent software vendors and managed service providers to adopt Azure Lighthouse into joint services and solutions packages.

  • Azure Lighthouse capabilities apply consistently across all licensing and sales channels. You can continue to work with CSPs and use valuable new management tools. For example, the cross- and multi-customer managed service provider access framework enables granular access control and scope definition for CSPs—key to both customers and partners.
  • Azure Lighthouse is now available to be integrated into Azure Marketplace offerings as a managed services offer. Publish your own private or public managed service solution that can access customers’ Azure environments at the necessary level to deliver services. Commercial transaction is handled outside the Azure Marketplace, and Azure Resource Manager templates or APIs provide alternative provisioning mechanisms.
  • All Azure Lighthouse portal experiences are powered by APIs available through Azure Lighthouse. You can integrate these APIs into your Azure cloud management portal or your own custom portal to enhance management capabilities natively in Azure.

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