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Building a Comprehensive Enterprise Cloud Ecosystem

Data di pubblicazione: 20 giugno, 2013

General Manager, Microsoft Azure
Over the past two decades, Microsoft has worked with OEMs, Systems Integrators, ISVs, CSVs, Distributors and VARs to build one of the largest enterprise partner ecosystems in the world.  We’ve done this because customers - and the industry - need solutions that just work together.  With our partners we built the most comprehensive enterprise technology ecosystem – and, now, we’re focused on the enterprise cloud. That’s why you’ve seen us work with Amazon, to bring Windows Server, SQL Server and the entire Microsoft stack to Amazon Web Services, and with EMC who owns VMware and Pivotal - key competitors in their respective areas.  We also work with innovative companies like Emotive, with Systems Integrators like Accenture and Capgemini and a host of other partners – large, small and non-commercial – around the world and across the industry. The need for diverse technologies and companies to work together is clear – and that means competitors are often partners.  To many in the industry that is a given – and it really should be.  The need for technologies to work together is particularly clear in cloud computing – where platforms and services are so incredibly connected they must work together to deliver cloud computing benefits when and how customers want it. So, it should not be a surprise when we partner with technology leaders who are also competitors.  We partner with these companies (and plan to partner with more) to bring our products & services to as many customers as possible.  We will continue to work across the industry to ensure our products & services work with the many platforms, business apps, services and clouds our customers use. As you may have heard me say, it’s been an exciting year for Windows Azure – and we are just 6 months in.  Stay tuned – there’s more to come! Steven Martin General Manager Windows Azure