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Azure Elastic SAN is now generally available

Published date: February 13, 2024

We are excited to announce the general availability (GA) of Azure Elastic SAN, the industry’s first fully-managed and cloud-native storage area network (SAN) offering that simplifies deploying, scaling, managing, and configuring a SAN in the cloud. Azure Elastic SAN responds to the vital need for seamless migration of extensive SAN environments to the cloud, bringing a new level of efficiency and ease. This enterprise-class offering stands out by adopting a SAN-like resource hierarchy, provisioning resources at the appliance level, and dynamically distributing these resources to meet the demands of diverse workloads across databases, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDIs), and business applications. Beyond that, it delivers cloud native benefits with scale on demand, policy-based service management, and cloud native security enforcements across encryption and network access. It's a thoughtful innovation combining the efficiency at scale of on-prem SAN systems and the flexibility of cloud storage.

The Elastic SAN GA release will be available in more regions, while adding a few new features:

  • Investigate performance and capacity metrics with Azure Monitor Metrics
  • Prevent incidents due to misconfigurations with the help of Azure Policy

This release also marks the removal of the sign-up process for the snapshot export feature, making it publicly available.

You can deploy an Elastic SAN by following our instructions on how to get started or refer to our documentation and blog to learn more.

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