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Massively scalable cloud storage for your applications

Store and help protect your data. Get durable, highly available data storage across the globe and pay only for what you use.

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Objects, files, tables, queues, and disks

Azure Storage offers a set of storage services for all your business needs. Choose from Blob storage (object storage) for unstructured data, File storage for SMB-based cloud file shares, Table storage for NoSQL data, Queue storage to reliably store messages, and Premium Storage for high-performance, low-latency block storage for I/O-intensive workloads running in Azure Virtual Machines.

Highly scalable

Storage keeps pace with your growing data needs, delivering petabytes of storage for the largest scenarios. Whether you're building modern applications or a high-scale big data application, Storage can handle it.

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Access data globally

Storage is available in more regions than other public cloud offering, letting you store your data where it makes the most business sense. Scale up or across data centers as needed, and be closer to your customers for faster access and better performance.

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Durable and highly available

Storage automatically replicates your data and maintains multiple copies—either in a single region or globally with geo-redundancy—to help guard against unexpected hardware failures.

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Choose your security level

Storage offers a variety of security capabilities to help protect your data. Choose standard authentication mechanisms, client and server-side data-at-rest encryption, or delegate limited access rights to data.

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Lower your costs

Pay only for what you use to help meet your budget and business needs. Plus, store data you rarely access at a lower price with new Blob storage accounts.

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Run Enterprise applications

With Premium Storage, Azure offers the ability to truly lift-and-shift your demanding enterprise applications, including SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB etc to the cloud. Premium Storage can achieve more than 80,000 IOPs. Throughput per virtual machine can achieve up to 2,000 MB per second, with less than one millisecond latency for read operations.

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Designed for developers and IT administrators

Use Storage to help simplify cloud application development and rapidly transition applications. Access data with an intuitive REST API, build applications for Azure Storage quickly with first-class client library language and platform support, and use PowerShell and Azure Command-Line Interface for rich tooling experiences.

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"For the second year in a row, Microsoft is the top CSP for public cloud storage. In our most important suite of tests - the benchmark tests - Microsoft consistently performed better than Amazon. It delivered the best speeds across small and medium-sized files and, in some cases, beat Amazon by nearly 2x."

Nasuni, State of Cloud Storage

Discover and deploy Microsoft and partner solutions

With Marketplace, discover and deploy a wide range of Microsoft and partner solutions pre-configured for Azure Storage.

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