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    November 2015

    Nov 23

    Automation: Configure activity tracing for troubleshooting graphical runbooks

    For graphical runbooks in Azure Automation in the Preview portal, you can enable activity-level tracing and set the amount of tracing you want.

    Nov 18

    Public preview: Azure DevTest Labs

    Azure DevTest Labs is a service that helps developers and testers quickly create environments in Azure while minimizing waste and controlling cost.

    Nov 13

    Automation: Entering runbook input parameter values made easier

    The experience of entering runbook input parameters is improved in Azure Automation in the preview portal.

    Nov 12

    Automation: View Runbook source

    Azure Automation has added the ability for you to view runbooks in read-only mode.

    September 2015

    Sep 29

    Stream Analytics updates for IoT Suite

    Azure Stream Analytics has added a number of updates to address common business needs for Internet of Things (IoT) projects.

    August 2015

    Aug 25

    Azure Automation: Run tests on hybrid runbook workers

    Azure Automation has added the ability to run runbook tests on hybrid runbook workers.

    Aug 19

    Azure preview portal: tile customization improvements

    Access the context menu for tiles and remove tiles on blades or the start screen by using a menu that appears when you hover over a tile.

    Aug 12

    Automation: Activity tracing for troubleshooting graphical runbooks

    Azure Automation has added activity-level tracing to assist with testing and debugging graph runbooks.

    July 2015

    Jul 3

    Azure preview portal Browse improvements

    You can refresh the list of resources available from Browse, view the full list of recent resources you've used, and create new resources by using the Add command.

    Jul 3

    Navigation improvements to the Azure preview portal

    We've introduced a new navigation bar that includes breadcrumbs, quick access to start customizing, and the user menu that shows which directory you've signed in to.

    June 2015

    Jun 5

    Create empty resource groups

    You can create empty resource groups from Browse > Resource groups via the Add command or by searching for "resource group" in the Marketplace.

    May 2015

    May 21

    Improvements for interactions in Azure preview portal

    Read about improvements for interactions in the Azure portal.

    April 2015

    Apr 30

    Per-tenant service health notifications in the Azure preview portal

    The new service health map in the Azure preview portal supports viewing health information only for the resources you have deployed to Azure data centers, which makes it easy for you to monitor and troubleshoot issues related to your applications running on Azure.

    Apr 29

    Azure preview portal supports cloud services

    The Microsoft Azure preview portal supports cloud services.

    Apr 29

    Deploy custom templates from the preview portal

    Resource Manager templates provide a declarative way of describing a set of one or more resources and deploying them in a consistent, repeatable way. You can deploy custom templates directly from the preview portal.

    Apr 3

    Improved browser interactions for Azure preview portal

    Read about improved browser interactions for the Azure portal.

    March 2015

    Mar 24

    Seven new languages available for Azure Preview Portal

    Azure Preview portal is now available in Czech, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Swedish, Turkish. If you have any translation suggestions, please let us know on the Feedback Forums.

    February 2015

    Feb 28

    Marketplace improvements for Azure preview portal

    Read about marketplace improvements for the Azure portal.

    January 2015

    Jan 30

    Improvements to personalization in the Azure preview portal

    Read about improvements to personalization in the Azure preview portal.

    October 2014

    Oct 2

    Organize your Azure resources with tags

    Use tags to categorize and manage related Azure resources across resource groups and subscriptions.