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    June 2019

    Jun 7

    Spatial Operations for Azure Maps are now generally available

    Spatial Operations provides applications enhanced location intelligence with a library of common geospatial mathematical calculations, (notably within the IoT space), including services such as geofencing, closest point and point in polygon.

    May 2019

    May 6

    Azure Maps Mobility Services is in preview

    Build applications with real time public transit intelligence from nearby stops, transit route information, and updates.

    February 2019

    Feb 25

    Azure Maps events in Azure Event Grid

    Azure Maps is now available as an event publisher in Event Grid.

    Feb 7

    TomTom is expanding its partnership with Microsoft

    TomTom has chosen the Azure cloud as its preferred cloud platform for its enterprise.

    December 2018

    Dec 4

    S1 Tier Now Available

    S1 Pricing Tier now available for large-scale deployments.

    September 2018

    Sep 24

    Enhancement for Map Control for Azure Maps now available

    Azure Maps is a portfolio of geospatial APIs that allows developers to build solutions with up-to-date geocoding, routing, IP geolocation, and other location-based services. An improved Map Control API with new features designed to enable intuitive and insightful data layering and visualizations is now available.