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    Monthly updates for July 2019

    Jul 24

    Azure Monitor for containers—Prometheus integration is now in preview

    Prometheus integration with Azure Monitor for containers is now available in preview.

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    Jul 15

    Network Performance Monitor is Generally Available in Central India

    Network Performance Monitor is now available in Central India region.

    • Network Performance Monitor
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    • Regions & Datacenters
    Jul 12

    Network Watcher is now Generally Available in South Africa North

    Network Watcher is available in South Africa North region.

    • Network Watcher
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    • Services
    Jul 11

    In development: query interleaving for Azure Analysis Services

    Target availability: Q4 2019

    Enterprise BI systems need to support high user concurrency, which means there can be lots of queries submitted close to each other. We are pleased to announce that we are working on the query interleaving feature, which allows system configuration to improve the user experience in high-concurrency scenarios. Query interleaving allows configuration to improve the user experience in high-concurrency scenarios. Multiple queries can run concurrently so fast queries are not blocked behind slow ones. Query interleaving can be set up with short-query bias so if the system is under CPU pressure, short queries are allocated a higher proportion of CPU resources than long-running queries, allowing them to complete faster.

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    Jul 8

    General Availability: Non-Azure Groups for Azure Update Management

    Today we’re happy to announce the general availability of Non-Azure group targeting for Azure Update Management. This feature enables dynamic targeting of patch deployments to non-Azure…

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    Jul 3

    Azure Monitor Log now supports log search on multiple Azure resources

    Many Azure services added support for new and easier way to search their logs

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    Jul 1

    Azure Monitor for Containers: Enhanced search on live data and other updates available

    Feature Updates enhanced search on live data, node storage/network performance on AKS, and data collection filter

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    • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
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