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Monthly updates for Azure Active Directory: July 2019

Jul 23

Azure AD Application Proxy support for single sign-on to SAML-based applications.


Connect custom or popular SAML-based on-premises line of business apps to Azure AD for single sign-on.

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Security
Jul 11

Authentication method usage and insight reporting in Azure AD


Understand the adoption of self-service password reset (SSPR) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in your organization with this Azure AD dashboard.

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Security
Jul 10

Azure AD support for FIDO2-based passwordless sign-in


Azure AD users can sign in password-free using a FIDO2 security key.

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Security
Jul 8

Azure AD B2B collaboration direct federation with SAML and WS-Fed providers


Seamlessly collaborate with guests or partners whose IT managed identity solution supports the SAML or WS-Fed standards.

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Security


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