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Building a scalable quantum system

Learn how Microsoft is leading the way to scalable, accessible quantum computing with worldwide research teams and partnerships

Finding new ways to solve the world’s toughest problems

Quantum computing is a revolution in how businesses and researchers use technology to work on today’s intractable problems. Fully realizing this promise requires a stable and scalable quantum solution that’s accessible to everyone and capable of solving commercially relevant challenges. From breakthroughs in physics and nanomaterials to seamless integration with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft is leading the way to scalable, accessible quantum computing.

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Building a truly scalable quantum computer involves creating raw materials for topological quantum devices, fabricating cold electronics and refrigeration systems, and developing overall infrastructure. The Microsoft Quantum stack provides everything needed to program a quantum computer, including a control system, software, development tools, and Azure services.

Development tools

The quantum development kit is a set of enterprise-grade tools to build, debug, and optimize quantum apps and algorithms.

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Azure Quantum is an open ecosystem of quantum technologies from Microsoft and partners that enable developers, businesses, and researchers to build and deploy quantum computing solutions at scale.

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Operation and control

The runtime layer is a quantum computer’s firmware and operating system. It executes a quantum algorithm while maintaining the machine’s state, operating the control system in a parallel real-time environment, and communicating to the outside world.

The control layer sends and receives signals to nanoscale devices. The Microsoft approach uses classical integrated circuits to run at cryogenic temperatures at which standard chips won’t operate, with wiring that handles signals in the super-conducting regime. The entire infrastructure, including the cooling system, is integrated to allow for scalability.

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Devices and materials

Microsoft runs several labs around the world that specialize in fabricating quantum devices, which operate at temperatures almost 200 times colder than the farthest reaches of outer space. The infrastructure enables the efficient mounting, wiring, and cooling of these devices, which supports rapid prototyping, characterization, and exploration.

Topological qubits are built to automatically protect the information they hold and process. This offers vast performance gains over conventional qubits, increases stability, reduces overall qubits needed, and makes scalability possible.

To achieve a truly scalable quantum system, Microsoft creates the raw materials necessary to make topological quantum devices. Microsoft grows specialized nanowires that are used to make qubits and creates atomically thin conducting layers with exotic topological properties using integrated-circuit manufacturing techniques.

The physics of creating a quantum computer

Microsoft has been conducting fundamental quantum physics research for decades to accelerate a quantum computing revolution. The Microsoft approach focuses on topological quantum computing through Majorana fermions—particles theorized to be their own antiparticles—which promises to yield fast, stable quantum bits. Breakthroughs in theory have led to breakthroughs in experimental physics and a path forward for scalable quantum computing.

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