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Azure Quantum Network

A vibrant community of quantum researchers, thought leaders, academics, and solution partners working together to solve for a better future.

Azure Quantum—solving for a better future

Become a part of the dynamic ecosystem of innovators and pioneers that is the Azure Quantum Network by expressing your interest in joining today.

Start exploring quantum hardware for free with Azure Quantum credits. Whether you already use Azure Quantum or are trying it for the first time, you have access to $500 in credits per participating quantum hardware partner. Apply for up to $10,000 in credits to use on quantum hardware to explore new algorithms, investigate use cases, and experiment with leading hardware platforms.

Researchers and developers

Join the world's leading talent in advancing the field of quantum research and progressing toward industrial-scale quantum computing. Apply for Azure Quantum credits to augment your experimentation with hands-on use of quantum hardware.

Partners developing quantum solutions with Microsoft

Thought leaders

Tap into the insights of the Azure Quantum Network to tackle real-world problems using high-performance hybrid systems and a rich set of quantum hardware.

Quantum customers and affiliates working with Microsoft


Collaborate with the Azure Quantum Network to develop a quantum-ready workforce. Contact us for direct access to Azure Quantum curriculum and other resources for educators, and take advantage of the Azure Quantum credits program to create a hands-on learning environment. Students also get $500 in credits per participating partner to experiment with their quantum hardware offerings.

Universities teaching the Microsoft quantum curriculum

Solution partners

Work with Microsoft to develop practical solutions and accelerate quantum computing adoption by your customers. Solution partners include system integrators and independent software vendors seeking Azure Quantum resources or guidance on industry or application opportunities.

Universities conducting quantum research with Microsoft

Coalitions and consortiums

The greatest challenges require the greatest partnerships to solve them. Microsoft is working with governments, scientific institutions, and public-private coalitions from around the world to advance scalable quantum computing. Submit your coalition or consortium to join the network.

Global quantum computing partners with Microsoft

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