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Build high-quality, cloud-powered mobile apps to reach your customers on every device

Quickly build engaging, no-compromise Android, iOS, and Windows apps that fit your business needs and reach your customers wherever they are. Power your apps with intelligent back-end services. Power your apps with intelligent back-end services and automate your development lifecycle to ship faster and with more confidence.

Find the Azure services for your mobile applications

If you want to... Use this
Add intelligent back-end services, authentication, offline data sync, and secure integrations with cloud and on-premises systems App Service
Send personalized push notifications to any mobile platform from any back end Notification Hubs
Automatically build, test, distribute, deploy, and monitor Android, iOS, Windows and macOS apps Visual Studio App Center
Create Android, iOS, and Windows apps with native performance and UI using existing skills, teams, and code Xamarin
Add maps, search, routing, and traffic capabilities to your apps with geospatial services Azure Maps

What customers are saying

FOX Sports scores big points with new mobile app

"With Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin, our team went from nothing to having a functional, cross-platform app very, very quickly…. We can add new features, test their UIs in App Center to see what they look like on real iOS and Android devices, see where issues were, and react to those quickly. The development process was fun."
Tom Zentmeyer: Vice President of Technology and Games, FOX Sports

Digital agency powers more than 200 real-time, scalable mobile apps with cloud solution

"Push notifications are a big part of our app engagement strategy, and using Azure Notification Hubs gives you a smart, easy way to set these up."
Martin Stava: Technical Cofounder, STRV

Delivering breaking news, localized to users

"Our familiarity with the Microsoft .NET platform led us to evaluate the Microsoft Azure App Service, but the really deciding factors were the latter’s Mobile Services toolset, such as push notifications, and its many other powerful but easy-to-use features like auto-scaling."
Wayne Schwebel: Software, Architect/Team Lead, Nine Entertainment Company