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Azure Operator Call Protection PREVIEW

Help protect consumers from potential fraud and phone scams with intelligent AI solutions
Assess the legitimacy of live voice calls across your entire network with AI analysis.

Increase consumer safety with fraud detection on your network

  • Provide consumer protection from phone scams across all physical devices—mobile or landline—connected to your network. 
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  • Help your subscribers get started quickly without the need to download applications on a network-originated service.
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  • Preserve consumers’ privacy with an AI-analysis service that doesn’t retain voice call content.
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  • Quickly and seamlessly connect your network to Azure once to reduce network disruption.
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Secure voice networks with AI-powered solutions

Real-time analysis

Detect potential scam calls or fraudulent activity in real time with AI-based call analysis.

Action-oriented intervention

Empower consumers to act upon a fraudulent call with real-time threat detection, alerts, and mitigation actions. 

Evidence-based guidance

Give greater insight into why a call may be a scam using alert summaries that help subscribers learn what to look for in the future.

Built-in security and compliance  

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Azure Operator Call Protection pricing

For questions about pricing, contact your account representative.


  • Azure Operator Call Protection is a fraud detection service for voice network operators that performs real-time analysis of consumer phone calls to detect potential phone scams and alert subscribers when they are at risk of being scammed.
  • Azure Operator Call Protection is network-originated, so it can be used on any consumer endpoint without the need for an application download. Its AI analysis of call content gives greater insight into potential scam calls compared to solutions that rely solely on analysis of call metadata.
  • Azure Operator Call Protection uses AI to analyze call content in real time to determine whether a call is likely to be a scam.
  • Azure Operator Call Protection notifies subscribers of an attempted scam by sending them a text message, which includes a brief summary of why the call is a scam and mitigation actions the subscriber should take.
  • Azure Operator Call Protection is deployed as part of Azure Communications Gateway, which provides advanced SIP, RTP, and HTTP interoperability functions so you can integrate with your network quickly, reliably, and securely.
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