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Run your VMware workloads natively on Azure

Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple is an Azure service to redeploy and extend your VMware-based enterprise workloads to Azure. We provide the management systems, networking services, operating platform and backend infrastructure operations required to run native VMware environments at scale in Azure. Innovate with Azure’s capabilities, scale and economics. Reuse your existing VMware tools and skills to manage your workloads on Azure without disrupting any network, security or data protection policies. Focus on creating business value while we help you reduce costs.

We offer two type of node configurations based on core, memory and storage requirements. You can choose the type of node that best fits your needs. All Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple nodes are offered for a minimum period of one month. You can take advantage of Reserved Instance purchase option for one or three years for price predictability.

Below are pricing details for Azure VMware Solutions. If your workloads are based on Windows Server or SQL Server, Azure offers unmatched pricing and benefits. You can achieve even more savings with the Azure Hybrid Benefit and free Extended Security Updates to reduce your overall total cost of ownership for Azure VMware Solutions.

Pricing details

Instance size Core RAM All Flash Storage NVMe cache Monthly One year reserved
(% Savings)
Three year reserved
(% Savings)
CS28 28 256 GB 5.62 TB 1.6 TB $- $- $-
CS36 36 512 GB 11.25 TB 3.2 TB $- $- $-

You can also take advantage of unmatched Azure pricing and benefits for Windows Server and SQL Server hosted on Azure VMware Solutions including Azure Hybrid Benefits and free Extended Security Updates.

Support & SLA

  • Free billing and subscription management support
  • Flexible support plans starting at $29/month (Note: Microsoft support does not include support for Linux images in the Azure Marketplace, though in some cases Linux publishers offer support per the plans above). Find a plan.


  • Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple is generally available. Please contact your Microsoft representative if you want access to the service. You can also request access to a free trial here.

  • Customers are charged for a minimum of one month (730 hours) each time they provision a node. There is no upfront charge for nodes provisioned monthly. You can also choose to buy reserved instances for Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple for one- or three-year periods.

    Example - If you provision a three-node cluster of CS36 for 1 month in the US East region, the subscription charge will be $9.205*730*3 = $20158.95.

  • For every provisioned node, you will be charged in monthly (730 hours) increments. If you deprovision the node in the middle of the of the month, you will still be charged for the entire month.

    Example - The billing cycle for your subscription is February 25th to March 24th. You provision a CS36 node on March 10th and deprovision the node after 800 hours.

    Since the charge is in increments of one month, you will be charged for 1,460 hours of usage.

    Provision period Number of hours charged Price per hour Charge for the billing period
    Billing period 1 - February 25th to March 24th March 10th - March 24th 360 $9.205 $3313.8
    Billing period 2 - March 25th to April 24th March 25th - April 24th 744 $9.205 $6848.52
    Billing period 3 - April 25th to May 24th April 25th - May 9th 356 $9.205 $3276.98
    Total 1,460 $13439.3
  • For all your Windows Server 2008/R2 and SQL Server 2008/R2 workloads on Azure VMware Solutions, you get Extended Security Updates at no additional charge for 3 years. If these workloads are deployed on-premises or on other clouds, the security updates would cost you an additional 75% of license price of the latest versions of Windows Server and SQL Server annually. This significant cost savings frees you to invest in modernizing your Windows Server 2008/R2 and SQL Server 2008/R2 workloads. In addition, you can take advantage of Azure Hybrid Benefit, allowing you to run your Windows Server and SQL Server workloads both on-premises and in the cloud.


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