IP address pricing

IP address pricing

Public IP addresses in Azure are charged at $-/hr (about $-/month) in general. Azure provides several free IP addresses, however, based on the resources to which they are associated, and the type of deployment model used. The table below lists these free resources.

Note: Azure has two different deployment models for creating and working with resources—Resource Manager (ARM) and classic (ASM).

Deployment Model Type Pricing
ARM Public IP address—Dynamic All dynamic public IP addresses associated to a running virtual machine’s network interface card are charged at $-/hr.
ARM Public IP address—Static There is no reservation cost for the first five static public IP addresses, whether associated with a running virtual machine network interface, or an Azure Load Balancer. Usage cost applies. Any additional static public IPs are charged for reservation at $-/hr, and usage at $-/hr.
ASM/Classic Cloud Service VIP Every Cloud Service gets a free public VIP. Additional VIPs are charged at $0.004/hr.
ASM/Classic Reserved IP address The first five reserved IP addresses that are associated to an in-use cloud service are free. All others are charged at $0.004/hr.
ASM/Classic Instance level public IP address (ILPIP) All ILPIP addresses are charged at $0.004/hr.

The limits imposed on IP addressing are indicated in the full set of limits for networking in Azure. Contact support to increase the default limits based on your business needs (up to the maximum limits).

IP address remaps

* Applicable only for deployments in ASM/Classic deployment model

Every time a reserved IP address is associated with a new Cloud Service, it is considered a remap. The first 100 remaps per month are free. All additional remaps are charged at $0.1/remap.


  • In ARM deployment model, there is no charge for dynamic public IP addresses when the associated virtual machine is “stopped-deallocated”. However, you’re charged for a static public IP address irrespective of the associated resource (unless it is part of the first five static ones in the region). For more details on static versus dynamic allocation method, refer to this article.

    In ASM deployment model, there is no charge for instance level public IP (ILPIP) addresses when the virtual machine is stopped-deallocated.

  • For static public IP addresses in ARM deployment model, and reserved IP addresses in ASM deployment model, the billing clock starts the second hour after you create the IP address (to allow time to assign the IP address appropriately). The clock stops when you delete the IP address resource.

    For all other public IP addresses, the clock starts when the associated resource is started, and stops when the associated resource is deleted or stopped-dealloacted.

  • Yes.

  • It's a reserved IP address that isn't used in a running deployment. We charge a nominal fee (see the pricing table) for unused reserved IP addresses.

  • No, there is no charge as long as there's one running virtual machine in a deployment, and the reserved IP is within the five included in-use reserved IP addresses.

    However, the reserved IP address will be charged if all the virtual machines in the deployment are in the stopped-deallocated state.



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