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Simpler Azure Management Libraries for Java - Beta 3

Posted on October 13, 2016

Principal PM Architect, Java on Azure

Beta 3 adds support for the following Azure services and features

  • Virtual machine scale sets
  • Load balancers
  • Parallel creation of virtual machines and other resources
  • Virtual machine extensions
  • Key vault and
  • Batch

In July, we announced a developer preview of the new, simplified Azure management libraries for Java. Our goal is to improve the developer experience by providing a higher-level, object-oriented API, optimized for readability and writability. Thank you for trying the libraries and providing us with plenty of useful feedback.

Create a Virtual Machine Scale Set

You can create a virtual machine scale set instance by using another define() … create() method chain.

VirtualMachineScaleSet virtualMachineScaleSet = azure.virtualMachineScaleSets()
    .withExistingPrimaryNetworkSubnet(network, "Front-end")

Create a Network Load Balancer

You can create a network load balancer instance by using another define() … create() method chain.

	// Add a backend pool for HTTP
	// Add a probe for HTTP
	// Add a load balancing rule that uses the above backend and probe
	// Add a NAT pool to enable direct VM connectivity for
	//  SSH to port 22

Sample Code

You can find plenty of sample code that illustrates management scenarios in Azure Virtual Machines, Virtual Machine Scale Sets, Storage, Networking, Resource Manager, Key Vault and Batch …

Service Management

Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines - parallel execution

Virtual Machine Scale Sets



Resource Groups

Key Vault


Give it a try

You can run the samples above or go straight to our GitHub repo. Give it a try and let us know what do you think (via e-mail or comments below), particularly -

  • Usability and effectiveness of the new management libraries for Java?
  • What Azure services you would like to see supported soon?
  • What additional scenarios should be illustrated as sample code?

The next preview version of the Azure Management Libraries for Java is a work in-progress. We will be adding support for more Azure services and tweaking the API over the next few months.

You can find plenty of additional info about Java on Azure at