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A Case Study: Kelly Street Digital

Posted on 3 February, 2011

[This article was contributed by the SQL Azure team.]


In 2008, Glen Knowles founded Kelly Street Digital and created Campaign Taxi, an application available by subscription that helps customers track consumer interactions across multiple marketing campaigns. Campaign Taxi features an application programming interface (API) that customers can use to easily set up digital campaigns, add functionality to their websites, store consumer information in a single database, and present the data in reports.  Kelly Street Digital uses both Windows Azure and SQL Azure as a foundation for their solution.


Kelly Street Digital used to run their solution on Amazon AWS until mid-2010.  They switched to the Windows Azure platform after running a successful pilot.  The company migrated the application in six short weeks with a single developer and can now deploy updates of their application in in minutes.


"With Windows Azure, you press a button to test the application in the staging environment," says Knowles. "Then you press another button to put the application into production in the cloud. It's seamless."


When Kelly Street Digital migrated from SQL Server to SQL Azure a developer wrote a single script that ported their data to SQL Azure.  Since then, they use Windows Azure Blob storage to backup their SQL Azure data to the cloud, never experiencing any data loss since the move.  The greatest benefit yet, Kelly Street Digital is now saving over $4,000 a month since migrating to the Windows Azure Platform.



  • Decreased Costs
  • Increased Speed
  • Tightly integrated technologies
  • Improved reliability
  • Enhanced scalability



  • Windows Azure
  • Microsoft SQL Azure
  • Windows Azure Platform
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010
  • Microsoft .NET Framework


It's a great example of what partners of ours are doing to offer new capabilities to their customers with the cloud.

To read the entire case study and learn more, go here.  Thanks!