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New Azure Lighthouse features are now generally available

Published date: January 27, 2020

These new Azure Lighthouse features are now generally available:

New built-in role for managed service providers (MSPs) to opt out of managing delegated scopes
As an MSP, you can now remove delegations assigned to your service provider tenant by using the managed services registration assignment delete role, a built-in role for Azure resources.

Use Azure Resource Graph's "ManagedByTenant" context
Lighthouse managing tenants can now query, filter, group, and act on delegated subscriptions at scale across customer tenants leveraging new tenant-properties available on Azure Resource Graph.

Subscription() function now includes "IsThisSubBeingManagedTrueOrFalse" context
MSPs now have a single codebase for single and multi-tenant deployments using logical operators.

Deploy and validate policies across multiple customer tenants
MSPs can now deploy an Azure policy at scale across multiple tenants at once using PowerShell commands.

Enhanced customer experience for updating service provider offers
Customers can review and update service provider offers and upgrade to the latest version in the Azure portal.

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