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Five more reasons why you should download the Azure mobile app

Posted on 28 September, 2017

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Platform

This post was co-authored by Ilse Terrazas Ortega, Program Manager, Azure mobile app

You may have already heard about the Azure mobile app at the Build conference back in May 2017. The app lets you stay connected with Azure even when you are on the go. You can read more details in our launch blog post from May.
Over the last few months, we have been working closely with our customers to improve the Azure mobile app. And today, we are excited to share five more reasons why the Azure app is a must-have.

1. Monitoring resources

The Azure mobile app allows you to quickly check your resources status at a glance. Drill in, and see more details like metrics, Activity Log, properties and execute actions.

1 Resource list

2. Executing scripts to respond to issues

Need to urgently execute your get-out-of-trouble script? You can use Bash and now even PowerShell on Cloud Shell to take full control of your Azure resources. All of your scripts are stored on CloudDrive to use across the app and the portal.

2 Bash  2.1 PowerShell

3. Organizing resources and resource group

Have a lot of resources? No problem, you can favorite your most important resources across subscriptions and keep them in your Favorites tab for easy access.

3.2 Favorites tab

Start creating your Favorites list now – you can do it from the resource view or directly from the resources list tab as shown below.

3 Favorite on resource

3.1 Favorite on list

4. Resource sharing

Tired of sending screenshots to your coworkers to help them find a resource? Now you can share a direct link to the resource via email, text message or other apps with the click of a button.

4 Share

5. Tracking Azure Health incidents

The Azure mobile app can even help you track Azure Health incidents. Just scan the QR code from the portal and track the incident from your phone.

5 QR code portal


5.1 Health Event

Download the preview app today and let us know what you'd like to see next in the feedback forum. Keep an eye out for updates and follow @AzureApp on Twitter for the  latest news.