IT Pro

Three ways to get notified about Azure service issues

Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2019

Preparing for the unexpected is part of every IT professional’s and developer’s job. Although rare, service issues like outages and planned maintenance do occur. There are many ways to stay informed, but we’ve identified three effective approaches that have helped our customers respond quickly to service issues and mitigate downtime.

Program Manager, Azure Service Health

How to optimize your Azure environment

Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2019

Without the right tools and approach, cloud optimization can be a time-consuming and difficult process. There is an ever growing list of best practices to follow, and it’s constantly in flux as your cloud workloads evolve.

Program Manager, Azure Advisor

Premium Files definiert Grenzwerte für Azure Files neu

Dienstag, 14. Mai 2019

Heute freuen wir uns, bekanntgeben zu können, dass die Vorschauversion von Azure Premium Files jetzt allgemein verfügbar ist! Premium Files ist eine neue Leistungsstufe, die das nächste Leistungsniveau für vollständig verwaltete Dateidienste in der Cloud freischaltet und gleichzeitig Entwickler und IT-Experten unterstützt.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Files

Migrating SAP applications to Azure: Introduction and our partnership with SAP

Dienstag, 23. April 2019

Just over 25 years ago, Bill Gates and Hasso Plattner met to form an alliance between Microsoft and SAP that has become one of our industry’s longest lasting alliances. At the time their conversation was focused on how Windows could be the leading operating system for SAP’s SAPGUI desktop client and when released a few years later, how Windows NT could be a server operating system of choice for running SAP R/3.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Global SAP Deployment Engineering